At Lemon Tree Trust, we believe that urban agriculture—the tangible manifestation of ecology, greening and cultivation—creates new and unrealized value to achieve dignity, psycho-social balance, empowerment and sovereignty for those living in under-resourced communities.

Our mission is to support capacity building, development and advocacy for greening innovation and urban agriculture within the context of forced displacement.

The Lemon Tree Trust works with home and community gardens and smallholdings involving small-scale agricultural practices with displaced communities. We recognize the importance of these for individual well-being, food production and community development.

LTT aspires to remain a knowledge based organization vs. a capacity based NGO, where program execution is conducted through partners in the field.

Our programmes begin with:

  • Building trusting relationships among displaced communities through tree or seed distribution
  • Identifying partners to facilitate good local infrastructure relationships
  • Hosting a community event, such as a garden competition in order to pinpoint local experts and enthusiasts
  • Working with local universities to conduct up to date research and pool different forms of knowledge
  • Distributing the tools and seeds or seedlings needed to grow food or green a camp
  • Employing refugees and IDPs to shape and run our programmes and using innovative participatory action research to evaluate their impacts