Azadi Community Garden in Domiz 1 camp

Take a walk around the Azadi Community Garden in Domiz 1 camp, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, with Aveen Ibrahem, Operations Manager at Lemon Tree Trust. Hear about who gardens here, the rabbits and chickens, and community bread oven.

An introduction to Lemon Tree Trust’s gardening initiatives in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Hear from Aveen Ibrahem, Operations Manager at Lemon Tree Trust, about our gardening initiatives across refugee and IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Meet gardeners Nariman and Nadim who share what gardening means to them and how they get involved with Lemon Tree Trust’s competitions. Find out about our plans for a new garden called Zozan and see drone footage of Domiz 1 camp.

One Garden At A Time: The Lemon Tree Trust’s Story

The Lemon Tree Trust restores dignity, brings beauty, ignites hope and offers economic opportunity to refugees and displaced people, one garden at a time. Gardening is a powerful force for good and our vision is to bring gardens and gardening initiatives to every refugee community in the world.

Individual Stories

Watch these short films with refugee gardeners and residents of Domiz 1 camp, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, who were part of our 2017 Garden Competitions.

War Gardeners: A 100 year history of supporting POWs and refugees through seeds

A hundred years on from providing seeds to WWI prisoners of war, the Lemon Tree Trust is working with the RHS to supply seeds to Syrian refugees in Domiz camp, Kurdistan region of Iraq – with Sue Biggs, Director General, RHS and Tom Massey, designer of the Lemon Tree Trust Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.


An Unexpected Road to Chelsea

The inspiration behind the Lemon Tree Trust Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, with garden designer Tom Massey.

Gardens in Domiz

In 2017 we met Castro Youssef, a refugee film maker in Domiz camp. We purchased him a video camera to document our work and record the everyday life of refugees. Through his work we have been able to prepare a short film about Domiz camp in Iraq which explores the home gardens, liberation garden, and Crisis Response Garden kits.


The team behind FlORXLzine – Carmen Sheridan, Hannah Jones and Emma Brown – have raised £1000 for the Lemon Tree Trust through sales of the print publication. The first issue of the zine was launched in November 2021 to celebrate plants, gardens and horticulture and the team have gone on to publish two more. They … Continued

Thank you to Rachael Jefferies for inviting us on to the Centre for Minorities Research Podcast to talk about our work. The Centre for Minorities Research is based at the University of St Andrews, St Andrews in Scotland, UK. And the centre’s student-led podcast provides a space for students to creatively explore their research interests. … Continued

Our community garden at the SEED Foundation trauma centre in Bardarash camp is finished! And the garden is already being used. Isn’t it wonderful to see the children singing? It is literally music to our ears. The community garden is a space for SEED centre clients and Bardarash residents to enjoy every day. The garden … Continued