Young Propagators Society zine features LTT gardener Aisha

Our thanks go to the Young Propagators Society for publishing Aisha Ahmed Omar’s story in their digital zine.

Aisha is a gardener who lives in Domiz 1 camp, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, after she was forcibly displaced from Syria.

She shares how gardening brings her connection, comfort and joy:

“I have had great success in growing leafy vegetables, which I use in our daily meals, but I would like to grow a wider variety of plants. Gardening for me is not just about feeding my family and neighbours, I love growing plants for their beauty and the joy they bring. I grow roses to remind me of home in Syria. Their colour and perfume always lift my spirits, giving me positivity and hope in the future. Lemon Tree Trust is planning an ‘urban rose farm’ in Domiz 1 and I am looking forward to being involved.”⁣

Read the full article in digital zine, issue 7. There’s no charge to download the zine.


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