Centre for Minorities Research Podcast

Thank you to Rachael Jefferies for inviting us on to the Centre for Minorities Research Podcast to talk about our work.

The Centre for Minorities Research is based at the University of St Andrews, St Andrews in Scotland, UK. And the centre’s student-led podcast provides a space for students to creatively explore their research interests.

We’re delighted to feature on the first episode of season 2.

“Growing Flowers in the Desert: A Conversation with the Lemon Tree Trust will reveal how one packet of seeds can bring hope to even the most desolate of situations. In this podcast, Rachael Jefferies, a Master of Arts (Honours) student in French and German, explores the power of gardening with Jennie Spears from the Lemon Tree Trust. Discover stories of displaced individuals and see how the act of gardening becomes a common language of dignity between people and a bridge to build community.”

In the 30 minute episode, we answer questions, such as:

  • How did it all start? What was the founder’s inspiration for creating the Lemon Tree Trust?
  • What plants do people like to grow?
  • How can people that have been displaced use their garden space to move on from their previous lives but also to bridge the link between their previous lives and their current situation?
  • Would you say you have come across people who are new to gardening, as well as people who have always enjoyed it?
  • Is there anything that we can do as listeners to support the vision of the Lemon Tree Trust?

Listen to the podcast episode.

Photo: Roadside Plant Store flowers, Kurdistan Region of Iraq © Britt Willoughby Dyer


Massive thanks to Ashley and Michelle at The Floralistas for their generous donation to the Lemon Tree Trust. The Floralistas, a floral design studio located in the Lake District, UK, contributed a portion of profits from their 2023 Flower Club Collections. The Floralistas are renowned for creating stunning bouquets and wedding flowers, as well as … Continued

We want to extend a big thank you to the 5th grade students and teachers at Trinity School in Menlo Park, California, USA. These dedicated students worked hard by doing chores to raise money, which they generously donated to the Lemon Tree Trust. Their efforts and kindness help support our mission, and we are incredibly … Continued

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Megan Davis, owner of Vancouver-based flower business Perennial Gatherings, for her generous donation to Lemon Tree Trust. Megan contributed a portion of the profits from bouquets sold over Mother’s Day weekend. Perennial Gatherings offers seasonal floral subscriptions, one-off bouquets and custom floral arrangements, enhancing milestone events, celebrations and everyday … Continued