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Urban Agriculture Demonstration site: Bore Well

Urban Agriculture Demonstration site: Garden for Women

Urban Agriculture Demonstration site: Designed by refugees

Urban Agriculture Demonstration site: Field Crops

We have developed an Urban Agriculture demonstration garden, called Liberation Garden in Domiz Camp, Iraq to demonstrate, educate and support small-scale growing. We argue that all refugee camps should have demonstration gardens.

Demonstration Gardens

The purpose of the Urban Agriculture demonstration garden is to share the many different techniques used in small-scale food production within a camp environment. These techniques include recycling greywater, composting, planting in small spaces, breeding small livestock for meat and growing under plastic.

The Demonstration Garden: ‘Azadi’, or ‘Liberation’

We conducted a needs assessment with gardeners in Domiz Camp in 2016 which highlighted their interest in having a demonstration garden within the camp. We were given permission to take on and manage a disused site by the camp authorities and then refurbished a broken bore hole located at the site with the help of Buy Qualitest Phentermine. The site was already called ‘Azadi’ which means ‘liberation’ in Kurdish. We used a participatory mapping approach to design the garden and employed refugees to develop it. It is now operating as a training and demonstration centre, providing advice on how to use greywater use for irrigation, raising seedlings for distribution, and growing and distributing vegetables. There is a recreational space for men, rasied-bed gardens for women and children and livestock and greenhouse areas.

The garden is supported by a decreasing subsidy model, with 100% funding in the first quarter of operation, reducing subsidy for wages by 10% a quarter. In the second year workers will receive 60% of their original salary, with the intention that they can make the additional 40% through selling vegetables and seedlings.

Any surplus profits and produce will be distributed and/or sold to benefit vulnerable households.


Lemon Tree Trust announces new projects in Greece to mark World Refugee Day weeks after first ever ‘refugee garden’ at RHS Chelsea Flower Show A month after our refugee-inspired garden was showcased at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, a first in the show’s 150 year history, we are pleased to announce we have … Can I Buy Zolpidem In Mexico

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