New Garden of the Month Award announced

Following the success and high levels of participation in our annual garden competition, a new Garden of the Month initiative has been set up in Domiz camp. This will help us celebrate camp gardens and shine a light on innovation and creativity throughout the year.

Every month, the Lemon Tree Trust team visits a different neighborhood in Domiz to visit all the gardens, before selecting a winner. We look for creative flair, a passion for gardening, innovative planting ideas and a commitment to filling the available space with plants.

September’s Garden of the Month winner

Felroz was our first Garden of the Month winner in the Rizgari neighborhood of Domiz camp and this is what he told us when we visited him:

“I have loved farming since childhood. I used to grow in Syria but our back garden was only a small space and agricultural resources were limited so I planted simple things like tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes. My father and friends also used to grow similar vegetables in our neighborhood.

”I love trees very much – especially olive trees and grape vines – and that’s why I planted them in my little garden in Domiz. I also love roses. My garden gives me great comfort and many of the plants help a great deal with mitigating the heat in the summer.

“I would like to thank the Lemon Tree Trust for its efforts in encouraging people to garden and growing more trees and flowers to make to our camp a better place for us.”

October’s Garden of the Month winner 

October 2019 Garden of the Month winners Muhammed Hssen and Zainab Abdullah standing in their home garden, Ashti neighbourhood, Domiz 1 camp, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Husband and wife team, Muhammed Hssen and Zainab Abdullah, who live in the Ashti neighborhood, are our winners this month.

The couple, who are both keen gardeners, had a small home farm in Syria and enjoyed sharing everything they grew with their neighbors and community. It was therefore only natural that they create a new garden when they arrived in Domiz. They particularly love roses and Muhammed recently brought back rose cuttings from his hometown in Syria so that they can continue to enjoy them in Domiz. Also in their garden, you will find canna lilies, cress and other green salad crops, chrysanthemums and geraniums. 

Aveen Ibrahem, our Community Outreach Manager in Domiz who is coordinating the Garden of Month Award, said:

“We felt a real sense of peace and love when we entered Muhammed and Zainab’s garden. They have transformed a small space into a haven of green and their passion for gardening is easy to see. We look forward to visiting them again for the 2020 Lemon Tree Trust Garden Competition!”

Felroz, Muhammed and Zainab were given a selection of seeds (with thanks to the RHS and Mr Fothergills in the UK for their donation), gardening tools, certificates for inside their homes, plaques for their front door. In addition, a temporary sign is displayed in the winning garden each month. 

The November neighborhood competing for Lemon Tree Trust Garden of the Month is in Azadi – the neighborhood around our Liberation Community Garden in Domiz. 

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