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Supporting resettled refugee gardens in Dallas, Texas

Supporting women in Bondako Refugee Livelihoods Centre, Uganda

In addition to our work in Northern Iraq, Lemon Tree Trust is actively engaged with projects and partners in the following regions:

United States

Lemon Tree Trust’s sister organisation, Cheap Xanax, first began to undertake urban agriculture projects in Dallas, Texas in 2014. One of the key obstacles we found was a lack of accessible spatial data that could help us locate suitable land for growing food. In response, we began to map the city by looking for vacant lots, open green space, rooftops, and disused indoor space. We began this process in Vickery Meadow, an under-resourced neighbourhood in central Dallas, which is home to a significant proportion of the city’s resettled refugee population. Our work in Dallas continues to expand by incorporating additional layers into our mapping efforts including neighbourhood demographics and land ownership. Additionally, we have started a one-acre urban farm in East Dallas, and maintain 3 separate community gardens throughout the city that support under-resourced communities


We are working in partnership with Buy Qualitest Phenterminein Uganda to establish small agricultural businesses with refugee women. The Bondeko Centre in Kampala is a community organization, created and led by refugees. The centre started in 1997 as an emergency shelter for those fleeing violence and persecution in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, and Burundi. Today, the center has expanded its activities to include small enterprises and trainings – a women’s micro-savings group, baking, tailoring, mushroom-growing, and small-scale vegetable growing. It also continues to host an emergency shelter for newly arriving refugees, and an international volunteer program.


In 2015, through a coordinated effort between Buy Soma In Europees, UNHCR and Lemon Tree Trust Co-Founder Stephanie Hunt, a project was launched that facilitated the creation and distribution of portrait photography for families living inside Azraq Refugee Camp. The loss of family photographs experienced by refugees inspired Stephanie to launch the project and bring Ripple Effect Images and award-winning National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths and photojournalist Lynn Johnson on board. The following year, hundreds of photographs were taken and distributed to interested families inside Azraq refugee camp. Through this project and the ability to provide photographs that showcased the deep love and bond held within these families, an important step in rebuilding dignity and reinforcing resiliency in the face of crisis was created.

Oxford, UK

The Hunt Foundation, Lemon Tree Trust’s core sponsor, actively supports research undertaken by the Buy Adipex Usaand the Buy Valium In Usa, housed at the University of Oxford. Founded in 2012 by a donation from Stephanie and Hunter Hunt, the Humanitarian Innovation Project focuses on the role of innovation, technology, and the private sector in refugee assistance, through research in four main areas: Refugee Economies, Bottom-up Innovation, Military-Humanitarian Innovation and Governance Innovation. Over the past 5 years, the Hunt Foundation is proud to be one of the most significant donors to this project, which has resulted in numerous academic publications, coverage by the BBC, Reuters, and NPR, as well as its research being presented at key policy meetings such as UN ECOSOC’s humanitarian section, UNHCR’s annual NGO consultations, the World Bank, the Danish Red Cross annual summit, and a joint UNHCR-RefugePoint meeting at Harvard University. While also actively engaging with practitioners from across government, international organisations, NGOs, business, and crisis-affected communities, the project also maintains strong partnerships with UNHCR and the World Humanitarian Summit, and convenes the now annual Humanitarian Innovation Conference.

The creation and distribution of family portraits for Syrian’s living in Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan.

Can I Buy Zolpidem In Mexico

Bhutanese Gardeners, Ridgecrest, Dallas, TexasGeneric Ambien 74


Lemon Tree Trust announces new projects in Greece to mark World Refugee Day weeks after first ever ‘refugee garden’ at RHS Chelsea Flower Show A month after our refugee-inspired garden was showcased at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, a first in the show’s 150 year history, we are pleased to announce we have … Buy Valium Mexico

Order Adipex-P