Emergency borewell repairs in the Azadi Community Garden 

Things don’t always go according to plan when it comes to gardening, do they?  

In August, when our team were due to be taking a well-earned break following a busy period of Annual Garden Competitions, the borewell mechanism in the Azadi Community Garden in Domiz 1 camp stopped working.  

While the majority of shelters in Domiz 1 camp have running water for sanitation and drinking, the borewell is our only water source in the community garden, drawing water from deep underground.  

Furthermore, water is generally in short supply during the summer months and with August’s daily temperatures regularly in the late 30°Cs (80°Fs), it was imperative that our team acted quickly to get the well working again. We urgently needed to water our plants and produce to prevent them from dying, particularly the food we distribute to vulnerable families living in Domiz 1 camp. 

Fortunately, we were able to find a local tradesperson with expert knowledge of borewells to fix the issue straightaway. A crane was required to help lift the mechanism in and out of the borewell, and plenty of patience from our team on the ground. After examining the well, a fault from the driver inside was identified – it had completely burnt out! The team was able to install a new driver and now everything is working fine again.  

We are so grateful to everyone involved for reinstating our water supply at such short notice – it’s only possible that we are able to meet these unexpected challenges head-on thanks to the generous support of our founders and donors around the world. Thank you!  

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Removing the burnt out driver

A crane lifts the the mechanism in and out of the borewell

Installing the new driver


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