Buy a tree, a community garden kit or plant a small orchard!

While many refugees have the energy and the expertise to plant gardens, we need your help to contribute the tools and seedlings that will enable them to do so. Your support will enable us to directly source and supply the necessary materials in some of the harshest environments. In doing so you will also be contributing to a job, a small business and immediate income for people living in forced displacement, growing food, growing home and growing dignity.

Lemon Tree Trust’s core infrastructure costs are covered so every contribution will go 100% to the greenhouse, garden kit, lemon tree or field of fruit for a future harvest.

Products Available:

A community greenhouse


A Small orchard


Crisis Response Garden kit in a wheel barrow for a school or community garden


Crisis Response Garden Crate for a shared neighbourhood garden


A household Crisis Response Garden kit in a bag, with tools and seeds for an individual family


A single lemon tree to be given as a gift to a family in a camp


For a regular donation please subscribe below or to make a bank transfer please contact us using this form, or email