Stephanie Hunt: CEO and Creative Director

Mikey Tomkins: Director, Urban Agriculture and Greening Innovation

Carrie Perkins: Director, Operations and Cultural Anthropology

Alfonso Montiel: Director, Business Strategy and Development

Juliet Millican: Research and Evaluation

Andrew Adam-Bradford: Senior Technical Advisor, Coventry University, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience


U.K. Address                                U.S. Address
Lemon Tree Trust                        Lemon Tree Trust and Citizen D
Shawfield                                     1807 Ross Ave.
Laughton Lodge                        Ste. 460
Lewes, East Sussex                     Dallas, Texas
UK BN8 6BY                                 USA 75201
+44 (0) 1323 815749                     +1 254 338 4137

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