Gardens bring fresh air

Esmehan and her husband enjoy working in their garden, and while they did not develop it because of the garden competition they want to come first! They are working hard towards that but they both like farming. The couple had a garden in Syria and grew trees, flowers and vegetables on a much larger scale. … Continued

I cannot live without my garden…

Haula owns a family run shop in Domiz. They had a similar shop in Syria so when they arrived in Domiz they decided to start something simlar, she travels with her neighbour every week to Dohuk for supplies and stock.  This costs less than travelling with a taxi,  and they both have shops in different … Continued

Planting gives hope

“I came from Al Qamishli, in northern Syria. I came here to be secure and to feed my family. By September 2012 the situation in Syria was too bad, it was unsafe and we couldn’t stay there any more. I have three daughters of marrying age and I was worried about them being kidnapped or … Continued

Greening brings positive feelings, nothing negative

“We were living in Syria where I worked as a construction contractor. Because of security problems, there was less work in 2011 – all the government contracts stopped. I decided to leave because of the violence, and brought my whole family. “In the beginning I worked out of the camp here, doing tiling, but after … Continued

Greenery and growing vegetables represents life

“My name is Jeena and I lived in Damascus. There were a great deal of bombs and shooting in our area. We were really afraid so we ran away. By bus we went from Damascus to Al Qamishli and then came to Domiz in February 2012. We lived with my husband’s brother for four months, … Continued

A dream come true

“My name is Aveen, and I come from a village outside Damascus. The Assad regime entered our village; there were many people they wanted and some were my relatives; some of them were killed. We were afraid for our lives and decided to leave. We went by bus from Damascus to Al Qamishli and walked … Continued