I cannot live without my garden…

Haula owns a family run shop in Domiz. They had a similar shop in Syria so when they arrived in Domiz they decided to start something simlar, she travels with her neighbour every week to Dohuk for supplies and stock.  This costs less than travelling with a taxi,  and they both have shops in different camp areas.

Haula has always had a garden and feels she cannot live without one. She showed me photographs of the large and beautiful garden she had in Syria, and started this garden within the camp last year. In Syria her garden contained half vegetables and half flowers, and she and the other women in her family have constructed a garden with grass, trees, flowers and vegetables. They like to take photographs of the garden and the plants.

Haula was worried that the camp would not allow them to grow on the space outside their tent but slowly she saw other gardens growing up and this gave her the confidence to progress.

She heard about the LTT garden competition from the two local facilitators who invited her to become involved. She attended a meeting with other women held in the camp hall and made a decision to enter. The LTT competition didn’t influence her garden in anyway, she developed it as she had planned, but she enjoyed participating and meeting other gardeners

When she first arrived in Domiz she and her family were housed in a tent in another section of the camp, she planted some trees there and moved them here when she was allocated a larger space on which to build. Her brother designed a fountain for her, and she had hoped to get this completed for the competition, but at the last minute he had to work and was unable to do it.

Water for irrigation is a problem, but they do recycle water. They set up a dam and collection point in their garden, gather the water in recycled plastic bottles and return the water to the trees and plants as a daily task.

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