Gardens bring fresh air

Esmehan and her husband enjoy working in their garden, and while they did not develop it because of the garden competition they want to come first! They are working hard towards that but they both like farming. The couple had a garden in Syria and grew trees, flowers and vegetables on a much larger scale. They developed their garden in Domiz for psychological benefits and enjoy spending time there, Esmehan says she feels happy when she sees trees, flowers and plants. She feels she has many problems but feels relaxed in the garden, and it helps her a lot.

The couple paid additional money for cement and spent time on the design of the garden because of the competition. They feel they have invested more than $400 in total on things they have bought. Water is a problem, particularly in summer, water is scarce. Some plants died previously because of lack of water, and they needed to replace them. She is still working on developing her garden and has encouraged her neighbours to start gardening, feeling the relaxation and fresh air will improve their lives. Some said ‘this is not our home, so why should we plant trees’, but she encouraged them, saying their gardens would benefit the community with fresh air, and be good for the community even in the short term.

Esmehan waters her garden with a watering can, using fresh water, but will also use grey water, if she can collect it in order ‘to kill two birds with one stone’. She has some concerns that using grey water can bring flies if it contains food waste, and aware of the need to be careful in the heat.

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