Greenery and growing vegetables represents life

“My name is Jeena and I lived in Damascus. There were a great deal of bombs and shooting in our area. We were really afraid so we ran away. By bus we went from Damascus to Al Qamishli and then came to Domiz in February 2012. We lived with my husband’s brother for four months, until we got our own tent

and plot. We had a large garden back home, and so when the Lemon Tree Trust came here and started the project, distributing trees and the idea of the garden project, I wanted to help. Being involved has helped me feel good.

“People would like to see trees in the roads as they walk along. It will help change the look of the camp. It will make us feel like we live in a beautiful area and not something like a desert. There are many empty yards in between shelters, and lots of people say they would prefer these messy areas to be changed into gardens so we could rest in them.

“People want trees and flowers; vegetables are less important. Flowers give you a different view for the house and space. People are so interested and if they are given tools and plants they will volunteer. They will also take care of the gardens after they have been made. On a larger scale, and with help, people would grow vegetables. We would like to share a greenhouse and the space to help all families involved.

“We felt scared in Syria. And now, here, we still feel scared because of Daesh attacking. So we don’t feel stable and we hope that the war will end and we can go home. But, since we are here, I would like to develop the camp like a city, with proper facilities for the families here.”

Jeena, Domiz Camp